mint-glasses said: *hugs* Would you like to go penguin sledding with me?

Yes! That sounds fantastic! 

ketchuptree-deactivated20140401 said: Oh my god you;re so cute I just wanna squish you

I don’t mind squishing! But mom insists that girls have cooties?? But she’s a girl so that’s confusing.

almoundy said: You are just too cute. *hugs* So, what do you want to be when you grow up young man?

I dunno!! Noatak says I should be a…whassit? Ah, right, politician! Because I kinda…tell-half truths sometimes (they’re not lies, even if Noatak says they are!).

I only do it because Dad is so mean and stubborn, though. If I just asked him to do anything at all for me, or Mom, or Noatak in the normal way…he’d just tell me mean things that I’m not going to repeat and tell me how bad I am at bending and stuff. But if I can make him think something it’s his idea…then I can get what I want. I dunno. It kind of sounds bad when I say it out loud. But I swear it isn’t!

lantur answered your question: //Then again -

text posts! I love this blog :D

((ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE. Lol, that statement doesn’t even make since because I’m the one who asked.))

//Then again -

If it’s up between probably not updating again at all or just answering asks with text posts (as opposed to drawings), would people prefer the latter?

//I should probably mention -

That I have no idea when/if I’ll be updating this page again?? I’m back in school so between that and work my soul has been sucked out through a straw.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who has ever liked, reblogged, or followed though :D 

(I’m fantastically finicky though, so it’s not so much that I’m consciously abandoning this blog as I have no idea when I might do any more of them!)

The polar leopard


an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Satvva, in which Noatak finds out he’s a waterbender on a hunting trip with Tarrlok and Yakone. a sequel to Tarrlok’s flashback in chapter 1.

Ever since I saw this post, i just couldn’t get this scene out of my head. So I translated this part from Mandarin first.


The polar leopard, less than twenty feet away from them, was staring Noatak right in the eyes; he had no choice but to stare back: so this is what it looked like, the creature from all those legends he’d heard about; legends, only, not stories, for those who had met it never survived to tell.

Covered in thick, pure white fur, the beast was enormous, larger than any of the animals he’d ever seen. The fur color made it almost unrecognizable in the snowfield; if it weren’t for those bloody red eyes glowering at them, surely it would have had blended into the surroundings.

So beautiful- the thought had crossed Noatak’s mind for a millisecond before he came to realize what was happening. The leopard gave a low growl, and the boy couldn’t tell which was sending the shiver down his spine, the howling wind, or the craving of food in the leopard’s eyes. As it lowered down, the muscles on those hind legs tensed up as a hint of its indubitable strength.

It didn’t take a hunter to realize what that had meant. Noatak froze, his hand clinging to the handle of the sled. He shifted to his younger brother, who was sitting right next to him, dusting the dirt and snow off his coat with his back to the leopard, unaware. Their father stood on the other side of the sled, staring at the beast, his face deathly pale. Noatak looked back to meet his younger brother’s eyes, only to find them fixed on the leopard now. He couldn’t see Tarrlok’s face but the sudden stiffness of his body had given everything away.

“Don’t, move,” said Yakone, in a low voice.

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((That’s a really interesting way to have Noatak find out he’s a waterbender! And I was surprised as all shit when I clicked the inspiration link to see it was one of my posts, haha. Super honored!)) 

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I used to be really afraid of the moon, because of—y’know—what Dad’s made us do and all. 

But then Noatak told me something that made me feel alot better! He said…

It wasn’t so scary after that! So yeah, it’d be fun to visit. 


FUUUUUUUUUUU I WAS GONNA DRAW THAT NO FAIR. I didn’t even get to color it TTnTT I only got to the sketch … :’c

(( D’aww! I’d love to see it finished. Just because I was a little quicker doesn’t make a difference. O: ))

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((Illustration from Lantur’s “What’s Your Fantasy?” Part 1 because…IDKMAN, it just felt very draw-able. 
Will answer more asks soon, I’m just easily distracted!))

((Illustration from Lantur’s “What’s Your Fantasy?” Part 1 because…IDKMAN, it just felt very draw-able. 

Will answer more asks soon, I’m just easily distracted!))